Thursday, March 29, 2007

This is me

I figured a picture with the name would be a good idea. I'm still trying to sort out this new blog. I'm sure it will happen eventually.
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A New Start

Hi everyone!

This blog is just for my writing. I'm in a weird place of trying to get published and yet I have a ton of fans.

How did this happen?

Well, I had this weird inspiration one day to post a short story on a forum based on a nightmare about zombies. That story ended up evolving into a epic that ended up over 200 short mini-chapters and had over 100,000 hits on two different forums. The story's name is "As The World Dies" and its about two women trying to survive after the zombies rise. Someone dubbed it Thelma and Louise Meets Zombies. Catchy, huh? Some fans say it is similar to "The Stand". To me it was just a story about two awesome ladies trying to survive with a bunch of other Texans out in West Texas as zombies take over the world.

Anyway, toward the end of this very long story that took me over a year to write on my lunch breaks, on my business trips and while rewriting a novel I am now trying to publish, many of the fans of the story encouraged me to try and get it published. After awhile it just seemed to be the consensus of everyone reading the story.

Therefore, on April 28th, I'm pulling the story down off and rewriting it. I admit the version online is very rough, with zero edits. I am very excited about the idea of re-writing the story. I really loved the characters and the overall story arc.

Meanwhile, I'm slogging away at a synopsis for the novel I want to get published first. It's done and ready to go but I have to get the synopsis and cover letter just right. Blech. It's a tedious thing to do.

So...anyway, this is my writing blog. Welcome to it.