Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ah, Saturday

I woke up at the same time I do everyday for work this morning. A good sign that I'm finally adjusted to the stupid time change. I'm about to head back to bed for a disco nap since we're heading out to the goth club tonight to celebrate 10 years of DJ Void spinning the best in Goth/Industrial music. It's all about the Steampunk look tonight, which I love. I'm still not sure what I'm wearing, but it will be something Jules Vern or H.G. Wells would love.

The writing bug struck right after breakfast, which was a good thing. I was jonesing to write more on my "untold tales" from "As The Word Dies". Because I was writing that story in tiny increments over an extended period of time (mostly while I was on the road for work in the middle of nowhere Texas), I would sometimes think I had put a scene/character/event into the story only to find out later I hadn't. Some characters got kind of screwed because of this. One of those characters, Eric, was always in my mind's eye, but actually kept missing being on the written page.

Because of that, I felt I owed the character a bit. So, his untold tale is up on now. You can see the link to my profile on this page and find his story there. There are a few other characters (all minor) who deserve their own little story, so I may just end up with a collection of untold tales.

I wrote two mini-chapters today and I really liked them. The flow was great and I probably could have kept going, but I had errands to do. Lunch to fix. You get the idea.

I really like this novella so far (that's what it feels like to me) and I know exactly how it ends, which is nice. I don't always know that. Sometimes I feel like I'm flipping to the end only to find blank pages. That's when I have to trust the characters and the setup to give birth to the end.

Considering how much I do NOT like zombies and how much they SCARE me, its amazing I am still writing about zombie infested rural Texas. The reality is that even though I HATE zombies, I love the characters. I love what they represent to me. That incredible Texan pioneer spirit.

I have no idea if anyone is even reading this blog, but it doesn't really matter. It's good to write about...writing. :) How it feels. How it moves me. How excited I am to be moving forward again.

Last year feels like a prelude to a great adventure. This year feels like the beginning of that adventure.

And I'm ready for it!

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  1. Hey Red Death Lady,
    I haven't read your Eric's Tale yet, but it looks pretty good from what I've skimmed.

    I've been taking a page from your book, so to speak, and trying to put Stone Walls into a novel, but it's been difficult. You know how real life interrupts your writing for weeks on end, leaving you with ideas flowing out of your head and into the void, forever lost? Yeah, I hate that.

    Have you been keeping a writing journal? I try, but it doesn't work well for me.


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