Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Formatting Fun for Everyone!! An Update on As The World Dies

Even though my husband gave me a direct order to write up the text for the website that is going live sometime this weekend, I completely forgot and started messing with formatting As The World Dies: The First Days. I made a mistake of reading the FAQ at and next thing I know, its way past my bedtime, I still haven't written up anything for the website, but I have some nifty looking jpegs to share with the world! doesn't look that impressive on here, but it looks really good at the size it would be in a printed book. It just made me giddy seeing it looking like a book.

I'm sure we will be going through quite a few edits as we sort it all out and figure out what looks good. The one thing I am adoring about self-publishing is that I get to be a part of the creative process of the layout and the cover.

I just love how this looks:

Anyway, that is my quickie update for today. Tomorrow I hope to get more done on the assignments my husband gave me. I feel a little guilty about not finishing up what he needed.

I already started working on the untold tale of Lenore and Ken from As The World Dies. I was planning to do the one for Rune first, but a fan told me how much he loved these two. Sometimes I'm nice and take requests. Or maybe his comment just got my creative juices flowing in that direction.

One way or the other, it should be fun.

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  1. Ma'am,
    I've got to tell you that I've read and re-read As The World Dies sooo many times. It is pretty much my favorite zombie story of all time! I can easily see this being a movie. The question I have, are you going to change much of the story when you do self publish? Just curious. Personally (and of course you're the author and know what you want) I think the story is EXCELLENT and really doesn't require much changing. Just my personal opinion though. Thanks for writing it and I can't wait for more of the Lost Tales. Truly enjoyed Eric's story.

    Very Respectfully,
    Glenn Colvin


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