Monday, May 5, 2008

More Proof that Trent Reznor is a gOD!

I woke up the other morning to find my very groggy husband about to go to bed. He had stayed up all night to make sure he snagged the new Nine Inch Nails cd that Trent Reznor put online for FREE. He downloaded the best quality version off the Torrents and I was thrilled to load the new album The Slip onto my mp3 player. I kissed him goodbye and dashed off to work.

The news that NIN had put out a new album that Trent said was "on him" was all over the music news and the boards were filled with ecstatic fans exclaiming their delight with the new album. I was almost bouncing off the walls with my own excitement.

Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails in San Antonio (Photo: Me with my crappy cellphone)

I am a die hard fan. I have mad love for Trent Reznor and his creation Nine Inch Nails. When I was struggling with dealing with the emotional fallout on a childhood I would not wish on my worst enemy, his music assured me I was not alone in my desolation. If anything, his music (not necessarily his lyrics) was reflective of my own feelings. I freaking loved his music and his music saved me. Add into the mix the fact one of my novels was born when I fell asleep listening to The Downward Spiral and that pretty much gives Trent Reznor god-like status in my life. If I ever met the man, I think I'd blurt out something stupid like "You saved me" then do something equally dumb like hug him or burst into tears or both.

Plus, lets admit it, the man is beautiful! I like to kid my husband that Trent is my future second husband (or is that Christian Bale). But the man could look like Iggy Pop and I'd still adore him for his incredible music.

As I read through all the comments, news articles and Trent's simple message to his fans that this one was on him, it struck me how much he is already changing the music industry. By giving away his amazing music for free, he is creating tons of good will with his fans and drawing in new ones. I'm dying to see him when he goes on tour (I hope he comes my way on the second leg of the tour).

But once more he has inspired me when it comes to my writing. This time its not a vivid scene seeping into my dreams that gives birth to a novel, but the confirmation that independence from the gatekeepers looking at the bottom line is a good thing for any artist.

I think the reality of this endeavor is continuing to sink in. The absolute freedom of choice and the personal responsibility that comes with being an Independent Author is just now fully gripping me and shaking me awake. I admit to a very passive daydream in the past of sending my novel out, getting it published and sitting back and letting the publisher do all the work. This was supposedly the norm, but now I see it is not what I want.

It is not what I need.

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