Thursday, May 29, 2008


Next week I start a brand new job at the company I have worked for the last four and a half years. My division is shutting down and for awhile it looked like I would be facing the unemployment line. Not the best feeling during this economic downturn (gas and food prices have obliterated our budget) and I was not looking forward to the job hunt. Luckily, my bosses wanted to keep me around and when a position opened up in another division, I was offered the job. I, of course, snapped it up.

It has several advantages to my present situation. The most exciting part is I won't be dealing with a certain State agency on a regular basis anymore. Some of the people there are kind and helpful, but the program I have been working with for the last few years has been completely overhauled and ruined and the wtfuckery has reached epic proportions. The annihilation of the program meant it became impossible to implement which resulted in my division in the company being shut down. When you're a governmental consulting firm, you have to be able to provide your clients with direction to good, solid, helpful programs for their small towns; not programs that will eat up resources and basically blow up in their face.

So I'm moving to a new position and I'm very, very excited.

Of course, this means I'm rushing to finish up my present project and train the person taking over what is left of my duties. Though I loved the 3-day Memorial Weekend and it allowed me to rest up, I have lost one day I could have really used to get my stuff wrapped up.

Yeah, I'm stressing.

I haven't been writing as prolifically because of the crush to get things done at the day job. I have been coming home completely drained and falling into bed to sleep until after midnight, get up, putz around, maybe write a little, then pass out again. My only consolation is that it will be over soon.

My writing is definitely second burner until the end of this week and then I hope to get back on track.

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