Friday, August 15, 2008

It's The End Of The World As We Know It

Well, actually, this is the day the zombies rise.

YAY! It's the official release date for As The World Dies: The First Days!! It's here at last and I'm so excited! The fans can finally buy the book they've been clamoring for.

Please buy the book if you loved it online. I think you'll be pleased with the updates. And spread the word to anyone else who loves the zombie genre.

This is the first step toward bringing you more solid stories and your support will help make it happen.

Click on the cover of the novel in the sidebar to go the my own eShop where the novel is being sold exclusively. It will be available on in the next few weeks, but my royalty is better if you buy it from my own shop.

If you want a cool new shirt for the new school year or just to hang out in, please check out the As The World Dies t-shirt also in the sidebar.

The proceeds from the novel and the t-shirt will go to funding the next two books.

Thanks again for your support!!!

I'm bouncing off the walls with excitement.

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  1. wait, its 2day the zombies rise!?! damn, i knew i forgot something!
    love as the world dies by the way read every chapter at least twice and have been reading as the world dies:untold tales as well on gonna buy a copy of as the world dies as soon as possable keep up the good work!

    Horned Reaper 266


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