Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Update!! What Am I Up To? Hrmmm....

On to the fun stuff...

I was pretty disappointed in not having a convention to attend this October, but a good friend of mine directed me in the direction of this all day event. I spoke with the organizer, a very nice woman named Rose, and I am booked for the event! I think its going to be a ton of fun and if you visit the Myspace page for Excentric Vision you'll see the have a love of da zombies, too. They have a great black and white slideshow of some very scary, yet sexy zombie femme fatales.

I've placed it below for your viewing pleasure.

Also, it looks like As The World Dies: The First Days may be appearing very soon on Dr. Pus Presents "Library of the Living Dead". If you haven't been paying attention to this really fun podcast, I recommend that you check it out. It is definitely a great way to check out what's new in the zombie genre. I've been exchanging emails with Dr. Pus and he said some very kind things to say about the novel. He seemed especially pleased that the book had a strong female lead (well, actually two). Once I confirm this is going to happen, I'll post the details here. But honestly, even if he was not going to cover my book, I would still recommend this awesome podcast.

Now a little more news on my interview with AngelLesa on October 13, 2008. It will start at 7pm Central and you will be able to call in and ask me questions. The number to call is 347-945-7025. I would love it if you called in, but just don't spoil the remaining trilogy if you read it online. I'm more than willing to answer any questions you may have. Just follow this link the night of the interview and check it out.

Meanwhile, I'm contacting reviewers to see if they would be interested in taking a look at As The World Dies: The First Days and selecting conventions in 2009 to attend to promote that book and the ones that will follow.

I'll be honest. All the promotion of the book seems to take up so much time, I often feel like I can't get any writing done. But this is the way it is and I just have to get used to it. But thank you AGAIN to anyone who is posting about the book on their blogs or forums out there. It is highly appreciated.

Now, back to writing on the second book...

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