Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Slightly Insane

Word is out that FearFest 3 is being canceled. Ugh! My first convention is going to be delayed until February. I'll wait until there is a formal announcement on the website before I take off the links and information. I'm kind of hoping that it still happens, though a delay until February would mean I would have more time to get promotional materials ready and the second book would be on sale.

Meanwhile, I'm working on untangling the mess I made in book two. I'm sorting it out slowly and it will be fine. I have a feeling someone reading the book as it is now, would not see the big ol' knot in the works that I do, but I know how it should have been written, so it makes me a little nuts. When I wrote this part in the story a lot of negative things were happening in my life and I think I rushed through this section. But it will be okay and better than ever when I get done. I promise.

I have other news as well. AngelLesa will be interviewing me on her blogtalkradio show on October 13, 2008. You can check out her myspace here. She has a great show were she interviews a variety of artists and showcases their latest works. You should check out her show (and not just when I'm being interviewed).

One more thing, I have received heads up that several fans of As The World Dies has been spreading the word about the book on different forums. I want to say THANK YOU!! Your support of the book means the world to me and its exciting to see the fans giving the novel a shout out. Thank you so much.

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