Sunday, October 5, 2008

100 Books Sold and Updates All Around!!!

One Milestone Passed In Book Sales
First off, as of early this morning, the sales for As The World Dies: The First Days, crossed the 100 books sold mark. This may not seem like a big number to some people, but it is huge for me. The book has only been out since August 15, 2008 (officially), so I am feeling very solid about the sales.

Considering that my promotion of the book has been minimal, I have to give big kudos to the fans who are spreading the word. I read somewhere that an Indie Author should not expect to sell 100 books. And that 200 book sales was even more rare. Well, that's one milestone down and another in sight. I have a lot of faith in this book and I feel it is a solid contribution to the zombie genre. I believe its going to keep going in its sales. That would definitely help out a lot toward getting the next books into the pipeline for publication.

FearFest 3 is BACK!
I got the word toward the end of this week that FearFest in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is back on! We have gone a head and shifted our reserved tables to this event and we're very excited! Wizard World has taken over the event and the lineup is looking really good! They have also moved it to a bigger venue and I think its just going to be awesome. If you can make it out to the event, please make sure to drop by my table and say hello.

The Doc Has Spoken
I have to thank Dr. Pus from Library of the Living Dead podcast for giving me 11 Severed Thumbs (out of a possible 1o) for As The World Dies: The First Days. I have agreed to let them do the entire novel on the podcast and I'm so excited about that!

Also, Dr. Pus wrote a review for that you can find here. My favorite part of the review is this quote: "Rhiannon sucks you in with the very first chapter. A chilling account of an entire family torn apart .... literally. When I began this book I actually stopped after the first chapter and went back and read it again. IT'S THAT GOOD!"

The Doc also gave me a big shout out in his newest podcast. I got a huge kick out of him trying to say my name correctly (ree on an freighter is correct). Check out Episode #63 for lots of zombie goodness along with news on the upcoming podcasts of As The World Dies: The First Days.

Spotlight On...
This month I also made the list of Spotlight On... for independent horror/suspense novels. I have to say, I really like the way my cover looks on that page and the reviews always make me smile.

Anyway, that is enough of an update for now! Back to working on the novel!

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