Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Brand New Interview!! This Time With STORYHACK:The Blog!!

I just did a brand new interview with Storyhack: The Blog! It was quite a lot of fun to do! I really enjoyed it.

There is a little bit of news in it that I have not shared with all of you. That news is that I received an offer for my zombie trilogy from a very well-known and kick ass publisher. It was a shock to my system, but also a tremendous honor. I took a week to consider the offer and discuss it with my trusted inner cycle. I was very anxious to make the right choice.

In the end, I decided to stay an Independent Author. I love working with my husband on the novels, I love working with artists on the covers, I love the ability to express my creativity, and I love the whole concept of being an Indie Author. I really want to do this as long as I can and we'll see what the future holds.

I will consider any and every offer made to me by a publisher. I'll weigh the financial aspects against the creative freedom I enjoy and see how it fits into my long term plans as a writer.

Again, this was not an easy choice, but I do feel it was the right one at this time.

I'm not opposed to working with publishers on new projects, but As The World Dies just means so much to me, I want to handle it myself.

Meanwhile, I do have a brand new zombie short story appearing in Zombology, a new anthology by Library of the Living Dead. It is about a seeing eye dog trying to protect her mistress on the first day of the zombie uprising. I will definitely keep you posted on when the anthology will be out.

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  1. My two cents:

    You made the right choice doing it yourself. You've put out your product correctly. Unless the publisher was a major house in NY with a large advance, you're better off going it alone.

    Small press and self-publishing for a niche product like zombie fiction are pretty much interchangeable terms.

    (My own experience, anyway.)

    If you ever want some self-pubbing pointers, let me know. I've been around the block and I have an idea that would dramatically increase your income on this.

    Take care.


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