Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Heavy Metal and Zombies...WORKS FOR ME!!! Sorta.

I debated posting this since the Metallica guys tend to be total jerks about the new media despite their kick ass music. I have more than one ex-boyfriend in my past who worshiped these guys. My husband hates them. And their music. And their douche bag ways of attacking the new media.

But...*sigh*...I gotta give them props for the zombie love. This doesn't make me want to forgive them for acting like assholes in the past, but it does make me think they are slightly okay for liking zombies.

And, yes, Metallica, I had my novel online for FREE for years. And we loaded up a free eBook version on the bit torrents. My husband and I are well aware that people like to hold a book in their hands and we didn't see it as a way of killing our sales, but building them. Kinda like when people like a band's music, they buy merchandising and attend concerts.

I still continue to put out free fiction on my Scribd page because I believe if people know you're good at your craft, they will be interested in supporting you.

And this video is pretty damn'm supporting it. know...zombes rawk, babyee!

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