Monday, December 1, 2008

Writer's Angst!

I have a new thing to dread since I became an Independent Author.

The first of the month.


In one fell swoop, my sales counters reset to zero. I hate that.

Last month, on, I sold 144 books. I liked looking at that number. I also liked looking at how many Kindle books I had sold and my sales from the only brick-and-mortar store carrying my novel. I have to be honest. I felt a great sense of accomplishment-or appreciation-or something along those lines. People actually bought my book!

Then this morning. Everything. Reset. To. ZERO!


Oh, well. A new month. New sales. And, hopefully, new fans.

November was a good month in many ways. I was able to go to my first convention to support my novel. Pretty When She Dies was officially released. I finished the rewrite of As The World Dies: Fighting to Survive. I got a lot of really nice emails from ya'll (don't I sound Texan) letting me know how much you enjoyed the first book of the As The World Dies Trilogy. And to top it off, I got some really good advice fellow writers and publishers that I really appreciated.

Actually, I'm glad I wrote that all down. I was feeling like I was spinning my wheels the last two months, but now I see I've accomplished a bit more than I thought.

So...what comes next?

I think I'm going to finish up a short story that has been lingering on my hard drive for years without a proper ending. I'm going to dive into my Gothic Horror vampire novel and weed through it. I'm going to finish up my zombie story about Lenore and Ken.

And next year, I will write a brand new novel then launch into the rewrite of the final book of the As The World Dies Trilogy. It should be out in the summer.

So much to do! EEK!

Anyway, thank you again for all your support of my writing endeavors and all your kind comments.

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