Monday, January 26, 2009

Cedar Fever or Zombies? Man, I think I'd rather have zombies!!!

Cedar Fever is killing everyone in Austin!

It's so bad this year that the pollen in the air looks like smoke. Just about everyone I know is struggling with the severe allergic reaction called Cedar Fever. The one or two who seem fine make me want to smack them in the face! Ugh!

One friend told me she wants to take a flamethrower to the trees near her home, she's so miserable.

What does this have to do with writing?

Well, I sit at my computer and can't see the screen because my eyes won't stop weeping. I keep having to pause in my typing to sneeze. My head feels so mushy I can barely concentrate.

But, I am still slogging on with the edits! I'm more than halfway through the edits! The first three chapters were a little rough going for me. The second editor had changed up how he was presenting his edits and it ended up causing extra work on my end, then less. So we talked and he sent me a pdf with his suggestions and its been much faster since then. He is so amazing. He managed to revise a line that had just tormented me and make it perfect.

In other news, Dr. Pus has released all the chapters of As The World Dies in one podcast for your listening pleasure! There were some computer glitches that kept me from recording my lines and we had to find two actors to do the roles of Nerit and Ralph. We're back on a role again and I'm so excited. If you're bored at work, check out the podcast.


  1. Um, no he didn't, the cheapo only posted the first 4 chapters and said he'd post the nextchapter come saturday. Apparantly, he's only gonna post a fragment each week to get us to keep coming back to his site, not cool. I was left very disappointed and wanting more after listening to the first 4 chapters and finding out that'sall there was. So, then Dr. Pus claims on Saturday he'd post the next chapter. Well guess what here we are on sunday, saturday came and went and he didn't post jack. I am furious.

  2. Tommy,

    Dr. Pus is a real life doctor and has a very busy life, but he does the podcast because of his love for zombies. Sometimes real life delays the podcast.

    As for the chapters of ATWD, yes, there is one a week. And that is dependent on the voice actors sending in their lines. I'm one of them and my husband worked on my computer so I can record my lines. I read for Katie.

    It also took nearly a month to get voice actors to portray Nerit and Ralph.

    So, we are all doing the best we can to get the mini-chapters out in a timely manner, but its not always going to work out to perfection.

    But there will be more mini-chapters coming out!

  3. P.S. He posted all of Chapter One. Chapter Two is still under production. :)

  4. Ok, thanks for the clarafication. Looking forward to more chapters...


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