Friday, April 10, 2009

Zombology is OUT!!!

The Library of the Living Dead Press has just released Zombology. It came out earlier this week, so apologies to Dr. Pus that I didn't get this posted as quickly as I should have.

This book is full of zombie delight by authors you know and others you have yet to discover. I'm very excited to be included in such a fantastic collection of authors.

Check out the line up:

"Suzy Polenski's Panties" ~ D. L. Snell
"The Fear Monger Calls it a Night" ~ Eric S. Brown
"April's Ministrations" ~ Robert R. Best
"Rule Hard, Or Die Free" ~ Tel Williams
"Clockwork"~ David Dunwoody
"Unnatural Selection ~ John Grover
"Stop Requested" ~ Rhiannon Frater
"Every Rose" ~ Michelle McCrary
"One of Many" ~ Mark M. Johnson
"Your Turn" ~ Derek Gunn
"Zombie Cola ~ T. Patrick Rooney
"The Beginning of the End" ~ Robert Cordray
"Happy Ending" ~ Kody Boy
"6 Feet Above The Grave" ~ Pascal van dem Beemd
"Good Intentions" ~ Don Newberry
"Undead Overpass" ~ Gregory Michaels
"Same as You" ~ R. Thomas Riley
"Halloween Treats" - Mike Steele
"Children of Landford's Towers" ~ Brad Zipprich
"Zombie Germs" - Shane Sullivan
"The Letter" ~ Rob Fox
"Z Day is Here" (excerpt) ~ Rob Fox

Buy your copy today!!

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