Monday, June 1, 2009

Dream Casting for As The World Dies - Kind of a Contest

I've had a lot of people ask who would I want to play certain characters in As The World Dies

should it ever be made into a movie or TV show and I had no real suggestions. So I'm wondering what ya'll think

For my favorite cast suggestion, you will get a free signed copy of As The World Dies: Siege when it comes out later this year

If ATWD was made into a movie or mini-series, who would you want to play the following roles?


Previous suggestions have been:


Sophia Myles (Moonlight, Underworld)

Kristanna Loken (L Word, BloodRayne, T3)

Gillian Anderson (X Files)

Jenni- Basically, no suggestions. Someone tossed out Michelle Rodriguez, but I can't see it. Can you?


Ben Browder (Farscape, SG-1)

Nathan Fillon (Firefly, Desperate Housewives)

Juan- (he resembles Robert Rodriguez, the director, in the book) No suggestions


Mira Furlan (Babylon 5, Lost) She's about a decade younger than Nerit, but would kick ass.

If you come up with any suggestions for minor characters, post those too!

I'm anxious to see your suggestions.


A suggestion was made on the Library of the Living Dead Forum here for the role of Jenni.

Non-Hispanic actress Mia Kirsher was suggested.

I can see it working, but I was thinking of Hispanic actresses (or half at least).

But if you went for someone who could play crazy (and Mia can), I would offer up Summer Glau.

2nd Update

This suggestion also came from the Library of the Living Dead forum. I REALLY like it.
Jordana Brewster is Latina (like Jenni) and can seriously kick ass if she wants to.


  1. I agree with Jordana as Jenni. She also has that spark in her eye that I've always imagined Jenni would have. Now, if someone could just teach her to act...

  2. I think Sigourney Weaver would be an awesome Nerit! She is younger than the character but I think she would be great!

  3. What about Odette Yustman from "The Unborn" for Jenni?


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