Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Full Cover Artwork for Siege


  1. Pretty good cover, but I'm surprised you only have Jenni and Katie in the picture. The seige involves the whole population of the fort. You dont even have Nerit firing from one of the rooftops ;p

    Please dont take that as a criticism though. Its still a good cover regardless of that :)

  2. I was tempted to include more of the characters, but at the core, the story is about Katie and Jenni. Since the other two covers only had them, it felt only right to stay with that theme.

    Besides, how do you know they're not the last two standing?

    *evil grin*

  3. Because I've already read the story, and unless you've done a complete rewrite, their not the last 2 standing! :P

  4. I love it! Girl, you inspire me!

  5. Understand that, but would have been nice to see Nerit...truly loved her character!!


  6. Thanks, Deadmama! You inspire ME!

    Craig, you may be surprised at how much Siege has evolved and in some cases, changed.

    Glenn, I debated including the others, but the first two books were just the girls and zombies and I opted to keep the 3rd the same. Besides, if the TV series gets made, you'll see plenty of the other characters.

    Hell, I've had enough people say "Oh, the girls look just like I imagined" or "They look nothing like I imagined" to know that people are not always happy with cover art depictions of the charactrs. Keeping it to the two already represented on the covers seemed safest.

  7. I like the cover. It's cool to catch a glimpse of the walled in city. Well actually are they inside or outside the fort? Confused alittle by the cover.

  8. Nelson HernandezJuly 29, 2009 at 6:03 PM

    I have to agree that this is the best cover yet. I am so looking forward to reading this. This would make a great series on HBO or Showtime. It would give True Blood a run for it's money.


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