Monday, August 10, 2009

As The World Dies: Siege Possible Publication Date

This blog has been strangely quiet of late for one reason: SIEGE. Oh, my....GAWD! I have been working hard on all the recommended edits that have been hitting my desk. It has all begun to blur at this point, yet I'm so excited to be so close to finishing.

We're hoping to release the book August 15, 2009, but chances are it will end up being August 17, 2009.

As things become clearer, I will post additional information.

It is very close, ladies and gents. Very close!


  1. Will siege also be released in kindle format at the same time its released in print? I have been looking forward to finding out how things end?

  2. We will try to have the Kindle version out the same day as the paperback, but there are no assurances that this will happen. It depends on how long it takes for to list it. But it will be out in both Kindle and paperback just like my previous novels.

  3. Just wanted to leave a note to say your As the World Dies trilogy is great! I borrowed the first book from a friend and loved it so much I have just ordered my own copy plus the second book ... can't wait to get through to Siege.

    Great writing!

  4. I don't want to sound like a bossy jerk here, but hurry up. Like, HURRY UP!

    The only downfall to having the publication date so close is that it means I'll have burned through the trilogy that much faster.


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