Thursday, September 10, 2009

Letting Go and Moving On

The last few months feel like a blur. I get almost dizzy when I reflect on all that has happened in such a short period of time. I feel immense satisfaction and happiness that As The World Dies: Siege came out one year to the day of the first book, As The World Dies: The First Days. I am very proud of the trilogy and feel it is one of the greater accomplishments of my life up to this point.

As The World Dies: Siege is doing incredibly well (as you can tell by my previous posts) and has made it as far as #60 on the top 100 Horror Novels list.

Yet, I went through a serious funk after its publication. It was emotionally very difficult to leave behind the characters I had come to love in the course of writing the three books. Closing the door on that world was heart wrenching.

It almost felt like a breakup where you feel you will never love again.

But life does go on and the next story I'm going to write has seduced me. I'm in love with this new world I have to explore, and the cast of characters intrigues me. It is exciting to experience something new, and I'm giddy with anticipation. I miss the As The World Dies universe, but it is time to move on.

So what comes next?

First is the regency era vampire story in the vein (hehe) of the old Hammer Films called The Tales of the Vampire Bride: The Dead Travel Fast. I wrote it before the As The World Dies Trilogy and it is one of my favorite works. It has beautiful, wicked, brutal vampires and plenty of Gothic atmosphere. It has my usual characterization and the blood/gore factor is high, but it also has a sumptuous feel that I really love. I know this is a departure for the zombie fans, so I plan to start posting the novel online before its November 2009 publication so you can get a feel for the story.

Meanwhile, I have two zombie novels (that are not related to each other) in the planning stages and I've already began to write one of them. I think you will really like both of them.

On the promotional front, I was recently interviewed by Eric S. Brown, author of World War of the Dead for Abandoned Towers and you can read the interview here.

Since I love putting Eric on the spot, I interviewed him for my blog. That will be appearing tomorrow. Please check it out. It was fun picking his brain.

Now that things are a little more settled, I hope to update my blog on a regular basis and keep you up to date.

Next week I will be blogging from Horror Realm in Pittsburgh!

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  1. Your work is awsome. I have been a fan since your stories were online. I have one question though, will you ever finish the Untold Sotires of As the World Dies? I was so sad when I was left haning with Ken and Lenore.



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