Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!! BRING IT ON, 2010!!!

I have to say 2009 was an AMAZING year.

Just a quick rundown of the year's highlights:
  • As The World Dies: The First Days is nominated for the Dead Letter Award for Best Book (Fiction)
  • It wins the award.
  • As The World Dies: Fighting to Survive comes out in March to great sales
  • I am contacted about the TV/Film rights in May
  • After two tries, I find my entertainment lawyer, Barr Potter, and he negotiates the TV/Flim rights.
  • As The World Dies: Siege comes out in August, one year to the day the first book came out. Sales and fan reaction is very positive
  • I am contacted by a publisher one day before I leave to Horror Realm inquiring about the books
  • I am a guest at Horror Realm and sit on my first author panel
  • The TV/Film option is signed at Horror Realm. The producer throws a big party to celebrate
  • Barr and I listen to the pitch made by the publishing house. I ask him to look into my other options before I make a choice.
  • The Foundry in New York City becomes interested in my work. Within a month, I have signed on with Hannah Gordon to represent me.
  • The Tale of the Vampire Bride is released by the Library of Horror Press. Despite no real promotion yet, the sales are solid.
  • Pretty When She Dies: A Vampire Novel comes under consideration for a possible film.
  • Two short stories appear in two anthologies: Zombology 1 and Wolves of War
Add in all the interviews I did, the other writers I met, the fans I have gained, and the books brisk sales, this has been an AMAZING year.

I loved you dearly, 2009, but it is now time to move on. Thank you for ALL the fabulous memories.

2010....bring it on, baby. I'm ready!


  1. okay now we need to know when we get to see Fighting to Survive on the TV or big screen

  2. Ow, you must tell us more about the TV/Film option! Please! -that is a demand-


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