Monday, December 14, 2009

The Passing of ZA Recht

I wish I could say ZA and I were good friends, but the reality is that we spoke a few words to each other at Horror Realm, shook hands, and went on our busy way. I remember his twinkling eyes and his a smile under a big mustache. It's a pleasant snapshot in my memory.

When I heard of his passing last week, I felt the bitter bite of remorse that I had not spoken to him for longer. He was so very young when he died just on the brink of the next big step in his career.

All weekend I kept searching for any news on his passing. I admit, I did not want to believe it. I wanted it to be a mistake or a stupid hoax. Sadly, this is not the case. We had mutual friends who are now in mourning, and I hope and pray his family and friends find some measure of peace during this difficult time in the outpouring of affection from his fans.

Tonight, I read this article on his passing.

It's a tiny article, but at least it is something nice. I think the author expresses what many ZA's fans are feeling about the loss of his future works. This is a tragedy on two levels: the loss of a loved one to his friends and family and the loss of a favorite author to his fans.

When Stephen King was hit by that van, a lot of people were afraid he would die. I felt immensely selfish because I was horrified at the thought of never reading the end of the Dark Tower series. Other authors have died with incomplete works left behind and their fans are left to wonder what the future would have held for their favorite world and its characters.

I'm glad that ZA's family has vowed to put out the last book. I hope it helps their healing as they put this tragedy behind them.

Plague of the Dead will be released by Pocket Books in late December. It is available for preorder now.

Updated Information from Premuted Press:

In the wake of Plague of the Dead and Thunder and Ashes author Z.A. Recht's
passing last week his family has set up a non-profit memorial scholarship fund.
Donations may be sent to:


P O Box 193

Bunker Hill, WV 25413

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  1. Wow! I can't believe it!
    RIP ZA...

    I was never an avid reader as my attention span sucks. I was always a movie person and am in love with the Zombie genre and am a fan of anything zombie. One day I got an itch for a new zombie story and there were no movies at that time so I decided to search for a book to read. After much research I decided to pick up Plague. It was the first time in my life I could not put a book down. I read the book in less than week and immidately purchased Thunder and Ashes and read that in 4 days...
    Thank you Zach for making the reading experience so enjoyable for someone who is not an avid reader. Your story is amazing and I will look forward to your 3rd book if it is ever published. Thank you, thank you, than you....

    A fan forever,
    David Perez


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