Saturday, February 27, 2010

A New Interview

Just a quick blog post today before I dash out the door to hang out with friends all evening watching The Venture Brothers and munching Austin's Pizza. If you're ever in Austin, you must try their pizza rolls with spinach and mushrooms wrapped in a whole wheat crust. Delicious!

Yesterday, Timothy Long asked me Ten Questions about writing and has posted them on his writer's blog. Tim just started the blog, but it is already chock full of interesting posts. I enjoy reading author blogs immensely, and I have added his to my usual roster.

Also, when out on 6th St. last night with friends, we wandered into a shop and I ended up snagging up a really cool bag. I love it! I somehow managed to stuff it into the bottom of my coffin purse, which amazed my friend Joel.

"A woman could stuff the Eiffel Tower into her handbag," he observed. "They would just rummage around and make room.

Anyway, I love this bag and thought I would share my shopping good luck. I found it online here for a nice price.

Hope you have a great Saturday evening!

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