Friday, February 19, 2010

The Swing of Things

Just a quick little rundown of recent events to keep you all in the loop.

The NYC Thing
First, things are going well in NYC. I hope to have solid news for you in the next few weeks. My agent is doing what she does best and I have the utmost confidence in her. This week the foreign publishers have shown interest, so that was a really neat surprise. They have yet to be pitched to, so they came to us because of buzz about the book.

The ATWD TV Series Thing
I talked to the producer and he's been meeting with people and forming a game plan. I don't understand exactly how the whole TV show pitch works, but he's gung ho and "running amok" as I like to tell him. Beyond that, he's become a very good friend and his support is very much appreciated.

The PWSD Film Thing
The script is coming along nicely. I hope to see the completed work in the near future. I'm so excited to get a look at the "film version" of Pretty When She Dies.

The Tale of the Vampire Bride Thing
Considering my total lack of promotion for this book (which will soon change), the book is selling decently. I got a really great review on All Things Smart And Scary. Check it out here.

The Interview Thing
Dr. Pus will be interviewing me next weekend (probably Friday) for the Library of Horror Podcast. I will post information as soon as I receive it.

The Editing Thing
My first big editing endeavor is out! Please check out The Zombie-Wilson Diaries by Timothy W. Long. It is seriously one of the best zombedy books out there! You can purchase it here.

The Dead Letter Award Thing
You have until February 22nd to cast your vote for As The World Dies: Fighting to Survive for Best Book (Fiction). Just click on the link on the sidebar of the zombified mailman.

The Interview Thing
I plan to restart my interviews with writers very soon. David Dunwoody, author of Empire, will be the next author. He is a Bram Stoker Award nominee and Empire is about to be reissued from Pocket Books this Spring. He is an amazing guy and very inspirational. I can't wait to interview him.

The Thank You Thing
I want to thank everyone who hopped over to Derek Goodman's awesome blog, Tales from the Apocalypse Shift, after his interview on this blog. He had a jump in visits and he said a lot of them were from this blog. Thank you for supporting him. He is an awesome writer.

The Stalker Thing
After a brief hiatus, the stalker has reappeared with a fake Twitter page. RhiannonFratter is the name they used to create the account. For someone to have this much passion to read my blog, create a fake Twitter account, then spam it for hours...well...that is a whole lot of crazy. The person behind the blog went out of their way to Follow my legitimate account on Twitter just so I would know the fake one existed. Frankly, it doesn't bother me personally, but my husband didn't like that the stalker is pretending to be me to disparage me. So, on his advice, I have contacted my lawyer.

In some ways it is funny as hell and other ways it is disturbing as hell. Either way, I'm bored with the whole drama and moving on to...

Living Dead Boy for the Library of the Living Dead Press is coming along so well. I'm so excited and loving the new characters. It won't be nearly as long as my other novels, but it should be a good read for adults and kids who love horror and zombies.


Live is good! And I hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Okay, that Twitter thing is really creepy.

  2. I agree. I can't figure out what they think they will accomplish by doing this and I've given up trying. I don't think "crazy."

  3. YOU HAS A STALKER RHIANNON. You're goth and can predict the future and positive rumblings and you'll call me lawyer on me if I right bad reviews on Amazon!

  4. I take it you're reading her latest fake twitters. LOL. I took a peak and it looked like second grade taunts. *shakes head*


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