Friday, June 18, 2010

When All That Is Left To Say is Good Bye...

Living Dead Boy, I'm going to miss you.

My terrible little tale of the undead squaring off against a group of kids is in its final stages of birth. Final draft is done. Now comes the proof copy and the last read through before it hits the printers, and all other distribution points.

Yesterday, Kody Boye finished formatting the book and sent me a copy. I scrolled through the pdf, staring at the words laid out in a really cool format, admiring the font choices, etc. I got to the end of the file and thought, "This is it."

A big moment.

The very last part of the equation is being worked on. That is the cover artwork by Dan Galli, the artist behind a majority of the Library of the Living Dead Press covers.

Here is a sketch of the cover artwork.

I absolutely love it and cannot wait to see the final product. I think it perfectly captures the essence of the book.

Kids versus zombies.

Also in my email this morning was a really awesome blurb from David Dunwoody, one of my favorite authors. He loved the book! That really touched me. Coming from him, that is high praise.

All the test readers loved it as well. They are all adults and die hard zombie fans. Knowing they could read a book with child protagonists and enjoy it was an enormous relief. I know my nephews and niece will love it, but I was hoping that adults could invest in the kids as well.

So I'm very close to letting this one go forever. Another child birthed and sent off into the world.

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  1. Oh congrats!!! And sad, too :( And now I'm going to be singing Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie all day.... ;-)


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