Friday, October 29, 2010

Don't Foget To Watch The FIRST ZOMBIE TV SHOW in History

The Walking Dead is premiering Halloween night on AMC. Make sure to set your Tivos, watch it live, or buy it on download (not sure if it will be on iTunes and Amazon yet or not). As zombie fans we need to support this endeavor any way we can and spread the zombie love (or virus) to the mainstream public. Tell your friends, co-workers, and family members to tune in.

I never read the comic books, so this is a whole new zombie story for me and I'm excited to dive in.

I got my fingers and toes crossed that it is not only a good TV show, but that it has great ratings.


  1. Hi. I have watched the first two episodes and so far like the series. I agree though about the lack of strong female characters. I am waiting too. As for the rest, the special effects are amazing, the scene with them spreading the guts on them to walk around with the dead had me eyeing my lunch with distaste suddenly and it keeps me guessing.

    Waiting to find out how the virus got started and spread.

    On a seperate note, I see that you talked to Peter Murphy! How amazing is that?!? I saw him in concert years ago and still listen to him all the time. Goth girl at heart and always will be.

    Cool that your book will be out next year. If you ever want someone to review it, I would love to help out.


    Dana @

  2. I just finished reading 'Pretty when she dies' and i absolutely LOVED it! I would really, really, really love for you to write a sequel to it and include the characters. I fell in love with amaliya and Cian.

  3. Thanks, Jessica. I plan to write two sequels to that book.

    You can find out more about my writing plans on the F.A.Q. section of my website at


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