Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Rough Draft For THE VENGEANCE OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE is Complete!!

Forgive any typos in this post, but I've been basically writing for over thirteen hours.  I probably wrote over fifty plus pages just now. I'm physically and mentally exhausted, but emotionally bouncing off the walls with joy.

The completed novel in yWriter
The rough draft of the sequel to THE TALE OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE stands at thirty-five chapters plus an epilogue just like the original. I really love how this novel brought the story of Glynis full circle.  Seriously, how it ended was perfection.

Of course, I'm not done with the manuscript.  I still need to revise it and tidy it up a bit before sending it off to be edited by a friend who happens to also be an editor for Permuted Press.  She's a huge supporter of my work.  Though she is a zombie fiend, she loved the first book in the VAMPIRE BRIDE SAGA.  It was an enormous compliment when she actually enjoyed a book about vampires.

Anyway, I'm about to drag myself off to bed, but I wanted to quickly update the fans of the first book.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Hopefully you will be reading the sequel in the near future.


  1. I'm so excited! I will be clicking for updates on the release date of this book like weekly! I think I squealed when I saw that you finished the first draft in my followers stream lol

  2. I just hope it will be aviable in Britain or Germany since I´m not from USA and would like to buy it! (or a kindle edition on Amazon would be also great). I´m definitely looking forward to it! :)

  3. Thanks, Linds,

    I will definitely keep everyone updated as this book moves toward publication. I am incredibly proud of it.



    I believe it will be available on Kindle in the UK and Germany soon after publication.


  4. *squee* I just finished the book and was wondering if there would be a sequel! Yay!


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