Friday, August 12, 2011

A Really Awesome Review For THE FIRST DAYS

I'm back from my very belated honeymoon.  The hubby and I weren't able to go on one when we were married, so we finally took the time to celebrate our marriage by going to Las Vegas and having a lovely time at The Venetian/The Palazzo resort.  It's truly a beautiful and romantic place with its version of The Grand Canal.

In the midst of our fun, I received an email from my publicist at Tor  about a review from Dread Central for the new version of THE FIRST DAYS.  She cut and pasted snippets from the review and gave me a link to the actual website.

You can read the entire review here.

Here are the parts my publicist liked:

“Frater brings a female perspective to the zombie genre that we haven't seen before, ever. This is to zombies what Anne Rice was to vampires, plain and simple. It's a revolution. In Jenni and Kate, Frater has created real, human, believable women protagonists who deal with the zombie apocalypse in ways that would escape most men. Facing emotional issues such as motherhood, loneliness, sex, and friendship as a woman is very different when your family is now trying to eat you and anyone else alive.”

“In fact, I like this better than The Walking Dead. There, I said it. Sue me, it's true, book or tv, the world Frater has created is populated with more interesting characters, engaging in more action, facing more entertaining and complicated emotional and real-world challenges.”

“If Frater has more like this in her head, buy this book now so you can say you liked her before she became the Next Big Deal In Horror, because that's where she's headed.”

I read the email aloud to my husband over lunch and he liked it, but warned me to "not get a big head."


I think it's rather impossible to get a big head in this business.  Most writers are neurotic and bundles of anxiety for a reason.   I've had my share of ups and downs as a writer.  Though I'm on the upswing right now, I remember far too well how hard it was to get to this point.  Though I loved the review (and it made me grin), the little writer voice inside my head whispered, "What if you never write anything good again?"  

Hopefully, I can one day shut that little voice up for good, but for now I will continue to write the best books I possibly can.

P.S.  Inspiration hit in Vegas and I have a whole new novel to write!

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