Thursday, September 15, 2011

For My Vampire Fans...An Update, A Giveaway, and A Special Discount Offer

The publication date for THE VENGEANCE OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE is drawing ever closer.  I received the proof copy of the novel this week and it's beautiful. The cover art by Philip Rogers looks extremely beautiful. The trade paperback is really stunning. My jaw literally dropped when I pulled it out of the box.

My husband, my final proof reader, is making good progress on the proof copy.  He has always helped me with this final step to publication and I value his opinion.  I have to give my husband major kudos because horror is not his thing.  He loves science fiction novels. His support and help with my novels is very appreciated.

Hopefully, the book will be for sale in the next week or two.  It will first be available at Createspace and Smashwords (in most ebook formats).  About a week later, it will become available in Kindle and Amazon.  It takes a little bit longer for it to become available at other online retailers like Barnes & Noble.

I am holding a special giveaway of both the first and the second book.  Two winners will receive a copy of both books in the Vampire Bride series.  For more details and to enter, click here.

The Vampire Bride series is not my only vampire series.  I also have a modern day vampire series that takes place in Texas.  I wanted to write a very different vampire tale from the gothic world that Lady Glynis Wright inhabits and found the perfect story to tell when I had a very vivid dream about Amaliya.  In many ways she is the opposite of Lady Glynis, but both ladies are strong young women determined to find their own way after being savagely changed into a vampire.

The first book in my modern vampire series is called PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES.  The second one, that I hope to write by the end of the year, is called PRETTY WHEN SHE KILLS.

PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES not only has vampires, but necromancers and zombies.  The Fatally Yours blog described it as "Pretty When She Dies is a bloody good time filled with violence, vampires, passion, Texans AND zombies...Rhiannon Frater has crafted an engaging and addicting novel that I HIGHLY recommend!" 

As a special treat to my fans, I'm offering a 15% discount on PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES through my personal estore.  You will need a special code to get the discount off the regular $10.95 price.  The code is 7AGHXRZA.  Feel free to post it on your blogs or other social network to share with your other vamp loving friends.  The discount only applies to my personal estore.  The code will be valid until September 30, 2011.  A quick word about the shipping date estimates:  they are totally off.  Most fans who have ordered from my estore were worried about the estimated arrival times, but were pleased to get the books usually within a few days.

Thanks again for all your support!

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