Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fangtastic Fridays!! PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES Read-A-Long!!!

The PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES read-along is underway and I hope you can join us.  I'm revisiting the novel, too, since I wrote it oh-so-long-ago in 2007.  It is a ton of fun and it feels like I'm chillin' with old friends (and foes).

I wrote a guest post for The Bookish Brunette that is up at her site where I talk about how damn hard it was to write Amaliya, the protagonist of the novel.  Yet, she is definitely one of my favs.  I hope you will read PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES.  It has vampires, necromancers and zombies.  What more could you want?

I've decided to answer the questions the bloggers are listing every week for fun.  Please feel free to make comments or join the read-along!  There is still time!  I have cut and pasted from The Bookish Brunette blog the information on the four bloggers hosing this event and the other bloggers following the discussion at the bottom of this post.

Discussion Questions for Chapters 1-6

1. After reading through Amaliya's 'awakening'... So realistic and freaking horrifying right? *shudders* What are your reactions to such a vivid scene?
I dreamed it!  And it wasn't pleasant.  In fact, I was Amaliya in the dream so I experienced everything first hand.  I woke up just after she realizes she has killed everyone in the orgy and her creator is speaking to her.  I was disoriented and horrified that I had murdered people and jumped out of bed. Only after walking around the apartment and settling back into my own reality did I feel relief that it was only a dream.  Of course, Amaliya did not get that same luxury.

2. I know it's EARLY on, and we've only gotten a glimpse of him, but... In YOUR opinion, the man who made Amaliya into a vampire... friend or foe?

At this point in writing the book I had a good idea how things were going to go down between Amaliya and her creator, but I was really surprised by a few things that did occur later on.  In the dream I did find him amazingly appealing, handsome, and downright sexy, but what he was saying just filled me with rage (both me and Amaliya).  I remember thinking "You killed me!" over and over again.  Not a good moment.

3. Amaliya's family are some PIECES of work aren't they??? While I HOPE no one has a family as freaking crazy nuts as hers... We all have a few nutjobs in our family tree right? Tell me about a crazy member of YOUR family... Or a time when you thought, "Please, NO... I am SO not with them!"

I am going to take this chance to say that the Vezoraks aren't supposed to be a representation of rednecks, Texans, or East Texans, but of a dysfunctional family.  When I was growing up I did know about a family where the husband married the dead wife's niece (the niece was close to her in age) and it freaked me out.  

As for my own family, every time my brothers get together they sound like mobsters.  In a restaurant one time I'm pretty sure that everyone really thought they were Italian mobsters.

4. Pete... Awww, Pete... He confesses his unending love for her, then everything goes to hell in a hand-basket! Who is/was YOUR Pete? Did you have a guy who was hopelessly in love with you for years that you never even knew about?

Doesn't Pete just break your heart?  He's so sweet!  I did have a few guys tell me after my husband and I announced we were a couple that they had liked me, but had been pretty sure that my hubby and I were destined to be together (we were best friends at the time) so they didn't ask me out.

5. Have you started connecting with Amaliya? What specific instance stands out the most for you? (hopefully you are LOVING her hardcore by Chapter 6!)  

As I wrote at The Bookish Brunette I struggled with Amaliya.  She is so far removed from my own personality it was very, very hard to write her.  But I did feel for her and often winced when she did things that I was sure was going to backfire.

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  1. HAHA!! I LOVE it! I bet your brothers are freaking AWESOME!!!

    I CANNOT even imagine DREAMING that freaking scene!!! *EEK*

  2. I totally love the setup between Amalyia & the professor. The introduction was totally hot, but Amalyia isn't going to get over the whole killing her thing very easily. Can't wait to read on this week.


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