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Fangtastic Fridays-Week Three!!

This is our third week reading PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES and it has been a blast!  The read-along has been one of the most fun events I've had the pleasure of participating in.  And yes, I did reread PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES.  Since I'm close to starting work on the sequel, I needed to reread the first book again.  Joining in on the read-along made it a lot of fun.  Plus it has been fun reading the insights of the other people reading as well.

Unabridged Andra sped to the end of the book and posted her review this week.

Can you say awesomesauce?? You better, because this book kicks major vampire ass! 
I love that quote from her review!

Now onto my answers of the discussion questions.

Discussion Questions for Chapters 13 - 18

(Chapter 13) Samantha and Amaliya meet in less than "ideal" circumstances for either one of them.  What would your reaction have been if you were Sam? Amal? Cian?
This is such a sad moment for Samantha.  I felt bad for her.  This is the moment when all her dreams start falling apart.  She's so spunky and full of life that it was hard to see her lose some of that energy when faced with the beginning of the end of her blissful life with Cian.  She still handles the situation much better than I would have!

As for Amaliya, if I had been in her shoes, I would have felt awkward!  And very apologetic!  

Cian doesn't handle the situation very well, and I probably wouldn't have either.  I think he's so conflicted that he can't think straight.  

(Chapter 14) Cian takes Amaliya on a training feed run---What did you think?  Did it go the way thought it would?
One of my favorite scenes in the entire story!  I just love how she needles Cian relentlessly.  And no, it didn't go the way I thought it would.  I was shocked with what happened on their way home.  It was definitely one of those organic moments that comes out of nowhere and that I love so much as a writer.

(Chapter 15) When Amaliya is recounting her dream of  her awakening did you feel differently about it than you did at the beginning?  Has it changed your opinion of the professor's/summoner's actions?
The Summoner's killing of Amaliya continues to be one of the most chilling things I've ever written.  I think I became more afraid of him while writing this scene and even more worried than before.  As I said, at this point in the book, I had no idea how it would end.

(Chapter 16) Samantha meets Jeff in this chapter.  What did you think of Jeff and his job as it relates to Cian?
I really adore Jeff and I loved it when he entered the story.  I like how both Cian and Jeff live in the shadow of their "fathers" and have to deal with a much more complicated world because of the men who "created" them.

(Chapter 17) Roberto "removes" Amaliya from Cian's place.  What was your reaction to his choice of places and his decision to do this in the first place?
This part made me laugh out loud because, again, I didn't see it coming.  Roberto can be such an ass, yet his reasons make perfect sense for his character.

(Chapter 18) OMG!  Don't want to give anything away before you read this chapter!  So I will simply say---what the heck was your reaction to what happened in San Antonio?  (I really did think this was a turning point chapter)
This was the chapter where I was like "THAT'S MY GIRL!"  I loved it so much.  This is when I started to have hope that she would survive the book.

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  1. Ha - I so loved how Amaliya was pushing Cian's buttons on the way to the bar! That little scene made me really like those two together.

    Amaliya really started coming into her badass self in chapter 18. LOVED it!


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