Friday, January 13, 2012

My Projects-Updated

Illness, deadlines for SIEGE, and a death in the family pretty much obliterated my writing schedule for my new novels at the end of 2011.  But life happens and you have to adjust accordingly.  One of the most difficult things I've had to adjust to in the last year was setting aside a work in progress to meet a deadline for Tor on one of the three books in the trilogy.

With SIEGE now put to bed, my writing schedule is my own until another one of my projects gets picked up by Tor or another publisher.  In the meantime, I plan to keep working on the series I have decided to self-publish, a few short story collections, and a standalone zombie novel (I may or may not self-publish).  I have also thrown in a YA novel that I am working on with fellow author Kody Boye.  We made some amazing progress when we first started, but have put the project aside because he is dealing with some medical issues.  We hope to be back on track very soon.

So here is my updated projected writing schedule (subject to change, of course).

Writing Schedule for 2012

Last Bastion of the Living (futuristic zombie novel) Projected writing period to finish the novel already in progress - January

Notes: I'm moving swiftly on this project now. Right before I had to set this project aside to work on SIEGE I had hit a wall, but I punched through it this week and I'm zooming!

Blood & Love and Other Vampire Tales (a compilation of short stories) Already written and has been sent to the editor.  Artwork has been commissioned.  Release date is possibly February or early March.

Note: This collection will be in ebook only.

Pretty When She Kills (vampires, necromancers, zombies in modern day Texas) Projected writing period February/Early March for a projected release date in May.

Notes: Artwork is already completed.

As The World Dies Untold Tales Volume 2 (featuring Ken & Lenore's story, Katarina's story, and unknown story) Projected writing period -January- commissioning cover art now  Projected release date is unknown.

Notes: I only have one story left to write.

As The World Dies Untold Tales Volume 3 (featuring Rune's story, the Senator's story, and unknown story)Projected writing period - April for a projected release date in June or July

Rise of the Vampire Bride Projected writing period - June for a projected release date in October

The Midnight Spell YA novel with Kody Boye- Temporarily On Hold

Untitled Short Story Collection A collection of of stories ranging from zombies to robots to the Old Ones.  Projected release date is unknown.

Notes:  All but one story is written.  This collection will be in ebook only.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the update! Looking forward to your ebooks!

    ~Deaf Red Bear

  2. @Mikey,

    Your welcome. I just want to keep the readers in the know about what I'm working on.


  3. I am so excited for "Pretty when She kills" and "Rise of the Vampire Bride" !! YAY!!


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