Thursday, January 26, 2012

Progress Report

Last week I had a massive migraine that lingered for days.  It pretty much reduced me into a zombie.  I mostly staggered around the house moaning about my head.  I managed to get a few things done, but my work on THE LAST BASTION OF THE LIVING came to a complete halt.  Every time I tried to focus on the story I felt like hordes of zombies were ripping into my brain.  I managed to do other work-related things, but actual creative writing eluded me.  Maybe the freakin' migraine storm was in the creative part of my brain.

Finally, I'm back on track, writing my little hands off.  The brain is functioning again and the words are flowing.  I'm even writing so much my carpal tunnel syndrome is acting up and letting me know just how badly I had abused my hands back in the old days of handwriting my stories or typing away on the old electric typewriter.

I hate it when physical ailments slow my progress.  It makes me so cranky.  Writing makes me very happy.  When I'm working on a novel and its flowing, I'm pretty euphoric.  I feel like dancing the rest of the day.  If I go too long without writing, I find its much easier for me to get depressed or moody.  Writing is such an intricate part of my being that to go for any long length of time without doing it makes me unhappy.

So I'm finally back on track and hoping to put the rough draft of THE LAST BASTION OF THE LIVING to sleep by the end of the month.

Wish me luck!

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