Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Updates To My Blog

It's been awhile since I last overhauled my blog.  I finally got bored of the old look and updated it last night.  I'm sure I'll be tweaking it here and there, but I like how it's looking so far.

I've also added pages to the blog. You can access these new pages on the tabs above.

I have added a page with my complete book list.  Click on a cover and it will take you to a detailed page (at about the book.

Also added, per fan request, is a page where you can purchase autographed novels directly from me.  The link is to paypal, but if you want to use a debit/credit card just click the option that reads "don't have a paypal account" and it forwards you to a page where you can use your card. If you're an international fan, please make sure to read the information page carefully.

I have also moved some items off the sidebar to their own page. This includes information on how to get autographed bookplates, a kindlegraph, and my biography.

I hope you enjoy the new layout and the new additions!

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