Monday, March 12, 2012

The Untold Tales Blog Tour Launches Today!

Today the Untold Tales Book Tour starts!  The tour has a variety of tour stops in the next two weeks starting today at Buy Zombie.  Read about the inception of the untold tales of the AS THE WORLD DIES universe by following the link by clicking below.

Find out why I have picked certain characters to write about and why most of the untold tales are "first days" stories. Find out why I have picked certain characters to write about and why most of the untold tales are "first days" stories.

The countdown to the publication of the second book in the series also begins today.  AS THE WORLD DIES UNTOLD TALES VOLUME 2 will go live at online retailers starting on March 19th and will available in all ebook formats and in paperback.

I am now taking pre-orders for the autographed copies of the book.  
The books will be mailed as soon as my shipment arrives.  The first shipment is only a dozen books, so order your copy soon.


Also, I'm hosting an awesome giveaway.  Win volume 1 and 2 of the UNTOLD TALES series!  There will be two winners.  If you're a winner living in the US or Canada, you will receive autographed paperbacks.  If you're an international winner, you will receive ebooks that will also be autographed (yes, we figured out how to do it).

Make sure to enter today!

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Tomorrow's stop will be at The Bookish Brunette!

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  1. Ken, I absolutely adore Ken...*sniffs* I can't wait to read his untold tale.

  2. I'm supposed to pick ONE?


    Is Juan considered 'supporting' cast?

    Wait! Am I supposed to choose from the Untold Tales books???

    Tito! Ken!

    Oh wait.. Crazy Calhoun is soooo EPIC.


    No... DALE.

    Well... I can't decide.

  3. I have to agree with Ashley, Nerit and Juan are my faves and see I couldn't pick just one either.

  4. @parajunkee,

    Ken is a definite fan favorite.


    The five main characters are Jenni, Katie, Travis, Juan and Nerit.

    Anyone else is supporting cast.


    They are two of my favs, too.

  5. Okay well strike Juan from the list then! Picky... Picky...

  6. @Ashley,



    Ken is adorable.

  7. Yeah, I'd have to say Ken as well. :)

  8. Ken!Ken!

    I liked Bette alot too.

  9. Ken, definitely Ken. He is so funny and is gay and has a cat cher just like me. But there are so many more. Jesh where do i began :)

  10. Would love to read and find out! ;P

  11. Stacy Kirkpatrick-marltonMarch 12, 2012 at 9:57 PM

    Nerit is one of my favorites I can just picture her so perfectly in my head she is so strong she has been such a wonderful leader for all of them

  12. Ken & Nerit & Juan..I cant pick just one!

  13. Looks like a good book. Love it when I find a new author.

  14. Would absolutely love to read it and find out. I've read the awesome vampire series, but I haven't read this one...yet. Thanks for the chance to win! :D
    DeAnna Schultz

  15. Haven't read the book yet but I'm sure I would love the main couple in the book!

  16. I still need to read the first, but let me tell you.. Ashley has me salivating for all of the books!! AND I mean ALL of your books!

  17. My daughter is the reader, I have no ideal who she likes, just know that she likes any scary books/movies.
    thanks for the giveaway

  18. Well I haven't read the actual series yet, but I have read both volumes of The Untold Tales, and I freaking love Ken. I really do need to read the actual books asap though!!

  19. I have yet to read this series, but I love a good nail bitting story.

  20. is it wrong that I love the dog and if he dies, I will cry. People, pfft, but if the dog goes....

  21. I love the dog, I will cry if anything happens to the dog.

  22. Everyone always fears for the pets! I can kill kids, women, and men...but if the pet dies...I'd be LYNCHED!

  23. I've just started the book but I love Jack the dog!

  24. Wowza! What a wicked awesome blog tour! :) I would LOVE to tell you my favorite supporting cast character - and I promise to do that as soon as I'll read the books, but at the moment.. *insert very sad face* I don't even have them *very very very sad face*... :D That being said - thank you so much for the chance to win volume 1 and 2 of the Untold Tales! :) <3 I can't tell you how long I've been waiting to read these beauties!

    Fingers crossed!

  25. Definitely Nerit because she is the older, wiser, more experienced, strong female character. She seems to have the most class.

  26. Thank you for the great giveaway.

    I'm sad to admit that I have wanted to read this series but have not read it yet. I'm sorry that I can't add a meaningful response.

    jbronderblogs at aol dot com

  27. Jason. That kid is made of some strong stuff.

  28. I have not read the trilogy, I intend to:)

  29. After reading The Untold Tales, my favorite Supporting Character was Eric, with Ken following in at a close second. Though I suppose that could change.....


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