Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why Aren't You On Goodreads?

I'm a huge fan of goodreads. I honestly believe it is one of the best sites that is out there for both readers and writers. Though there have been some really huge kerfuffles on goodreads over the last year or so, it still remains one of the best ways to discover new books, authors, and even make friends.

So what is goodreads?

Goodreads is basically a social media site about books. You can create your own profile and list all the books you have read, books you want to read, or books you are currently reading. You can rate the books, write reviews, and  comment on other people's ratings and reviews.  There are plenty of reading groups to join and discuss your favorite books. You can compare your reading list to a friend's and add even refer books to those on your friends list.

There is also a goodreads app for phones, tablets, etc, that allows quick access to your lists. I use it when I'm at the bookstore. I just access my list as I browse. It's easier than scribbling it all down on a piece of paper. I have even added books to my "to read" list while walking among the bookshelves at the bookstore.

As a writer, you can become a goodreads author. You can update your author profile, make sure the list of your books is correct and update the data on your books. You can also post book trailers, have a blog (or have your blog feed into it), and create buzz for an upcoming release. You can even host giveaways.

A few writers have complained about bad reviews on goodreads, but honestly, that's part of the business of writing. Some people will love you, others will not.  Overall, goodreads is a great place for readers who do love your work to share that information with others.

I encourage both readers and writers to join goodreads because it's a great place for those of us who really love books. Since joining goodreads I have discovered a lot of new books to read. My "to read" list continues to grow.

If you are on goodreads, please add me as a friend. Click here to go to my profile.

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