Wednesday, August 22, 2012

THE VAMPIRE BRIDE SERIES Paperback Interior Revamp

The new covers for THE VAMPIRE BRIDE SERIES enjoyed a wonderful cover reveal on Monday and the feedback has been extremely positive.  The eBook formats already have the  updated covers, but the paperbacks will continue to have the old covers until September.  This post is all about the new versions of the trade paperbacks, how they will look, and how to purchase them.

Why The Changes?
Since I regained the rights to the first book, I've been wanting to update the interior and make the trade paperbacks fancier.  Ebooks are very popular due to the lower price, which is completely understandable, so I wanted to make the paperback versions special for those readers willing to pay a little more money for a physical copy. The interior of the trade paperbacks have been undergoing a revamp as well under the skillful hand of Kody Boye.  Utilizing vintage artwork, he's been creating a whole new look for the interior.  The new artwork and formatting style has created a much more dynamic reading experience.

How Will They Look?
The boosk now have a much more otherworldly feel from the very beginning of the first book. Check out the new title page and the opening page of Glynis' journal.

Also, the diary/journal entries, letters, and other correspondence in the novel have a fresh look.  Each character now has their own handwriting style. We felt this added a nice touch and made the book a little more engaging.

Kody has added other little tweaks throughout the novel making it beautiful to just flip through, let alone read.

Where To Buy?
I understand that a physical copy of a book is an expensive investment and I want to make sure that the fans of this series will be able to purchase beautiful versions.

My own personal estore (on this blog and on my website will have both books available and you can have them autographed to your specifications.  We don't have a price set yet, but as soon as I have worked out all the details on Createspace (the printer) I will let you know. will also have the updated books immediately.  The books are POD (publish on demand), so a book is printed when you order and shipped to you.

Book Depository, Barnes and Noble, and some other online retailers may not have the new copies available immediately. They may have older stock that they will send you before they begin selling the newer versions.  So be aware you may end up with an older version.

Also, second-hand retailers will most likely only carry the older versions as well.

In Closing
The Vampire Bride Series is very close to my heart and I'm very excited about the revamp.  I hope you will enjoy it, too.


  1. The new covers are amazing and the interior is beautiful! :)

    1. Thanks, Petra!

      I think the books are looking fantastic.


  2. Nice work on the interior. The exterior art is a nice departure from typical stock photo blends as well.

    1. Carrie,

      Kody did a great job on the interior and Claudia McKinney of Phat Puppy Art is just magical.

      Glad you like the new look!



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