Monday, October 22, 2012

Writing Success!!! An Update!!

Here is a quick update on my writing projects. Enjoy!


As you have noticed, I haven't updated since last week. I have a very good reason for my absence. I was wrapping up DEAD SPOTS for Tor. I had lost some writing time due to illness (first severe allergies and vertigo, then cluster migraines) and once I felt better, I just trucked through to the end. My final day working on the novel I wrote 15,000 words. It was pretty intense. I have turned over the manuscript to my agent for her to review. I should have her notes soon, tweak whatever she suggests, then its off to my editor at Tor. 

Happily, my test readers have absolutely loved the novel and its premise, so hopefully you will, too. I don't have a publication date for the novel, but I hope it comes out in 2013.  Keep your fingers crossed.

My Next Project
NaNoWriMo is right around the corner and every year something prevents me from participating. This year my calendar is free, so I'm going to be writing a novella set in the PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES universe.

The novella features Aimee and Cass from PRETTY WHEN SHE KILLS. Cass is a dhamphir (half vampire-half human), and Aimee, her girlfriend, is a witch. The novella is all about how they meet and end up throwing down with a big bad. 

I even have the cover artwork already done by the fabulous Claudia McKinney of Phat Puppy Art!

My only problem is that I don't have a title yet.  Therefore, I need your help coming up with one! The novella will most likely have the subtitle "A Pretty When She Dies Universe Novella" so the Pretty When She... tag isn't necessary. If you come up with a really great idea using it though, I'm more than willing to use it. The person who comes up with the winning title will receive a free autographed paperback of the completed novella upon publication.

Entries I like so far are:
Blood of a Witch - Tine Davidson
Of Blood and Magick - Melanie Findlay and Lindsay Galloway
Pretty When They Collide - Rhiannon Mills
Pretty When She Falls - Dorothy Cannon O'Keefe
The Dhamphir, The Witch, The Dead - Jr Wall

To offer your suggestions, just make it in the comments section of this blog or on my Pretty When She Dies Facebook page. At the end of October, I'll compile my favorites and everyone will be able to vote on their favorite. 

Good luck!

Status on Other Projects

AS THE WORLD DIES UNTOLD TALES VOLUME 3 - The book is on hold until early next year.  It kept getting bumped for other projects, but also self-publishing is costly. My self-publishing budget for the year has been used up, so I'll be concentrating on projects where I already have the covers completed. 

PRETTY WHEN SHE DESTROYS - I'm going to be working on the novel starting in December (unless I finish NaNoWriMo early) and aim for a March 2013 release date. I'd like to wrap up the trilogy for the sake of the fans. I know how rough it can be to wait around for the final installment of a trilogy.

THE LAMENT OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE - This will be my really big project next year.  This third book will bring a conclusion to the battle of wills between Vlad and Glynis. When the fourth book comes out, it will be concentrating on new aspects of Glynis's life.

THE MIDNIGHT SPELL - Expect this YA paranormal novel from me and Kody Boye to be out early in 2013. Maybe January or February.

Of course, I have a million other ideas rattling around in my head, too. I'm still trying to sort out which ones I want to concentrate on next year.

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  1. The simpler "Blood Magick" is an obvious suggestion.

    Here are some other very random other ideas:

    "Whisper me a spell"
    "Blood Witch Sugar Magik"
    "Dhampir Magic"

  2. Yet a few more:

    "Love the Night"
    "Stranger Magics"


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