Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Personal Favorite Top Five Films 2012

Every year my husband and I lament the state of the film. We're sick of remakes, big budget-no story movies, and horror movies that just aren't scary. We rarely go to the movies anymore, opting to watch movies on Netflix or picking them up at Redbox.

This year I was pleased that I had more than a handful of movies to consider for my personal Top Five Films. I narrowed them down to five with one Honorable Mention.

The Hobbit

The Hobbit was one of my absolute favorite books when I was growing up. I could never get into the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, but I was all about The Hobbit.  I watched the animated film of The Hobbit over and over again when I was a kid. I just loved it.

Therefore, I was very excited to see The Hobbit on the big screen. I knew Peter Jackson would do a great job after the gloriousness of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was not disappointed. To make the experience even more special, we saw it on my birthday at the IMAX in 3D. Amazing!  I cannot wait for the next part!

The Dark Knight Rises

My hubby and I have been huge fans of the Nolan Batman trilogy ever since the first film. We were both very anxious to see the final installment and hoped it would be a fitting end.  We bought tickets to see all three movies back to back and enjoyed marathoning through the films. Watching them all in a row, we could truly enjoy the storytelling of the saga and the attention to detail. They films were almost a seamless narrative, which was very impressive.

I had been nervous about Ann Hathaway being Catwoman, but she did a very good job as Selina Kyle (thus I used her poster for this post.

The Avengers

I am a HUGE Joss Whedon fan. I also love Robert Downey, Jr.  I'm not a big comic book fan, so I wasn't too sure what the Avengers was all about, but I was anxious to see what Joss was going to do. Also, I was thrilled out of my mind when my personal favorite actor to play Bruce Banner/The Hulk was actually picked for the role. I've been saying for years that Mark Ruffalo should play that role.

That being said, I was completely blown away by how much I loved the film. I was giddy when I walked out of the theater and fully satisfied. I'm so happy to hear Joss will be back for the next one!

The Hunger Games

I very much enjoyed The Hunger Games trilogy and was thrilled when I heard it was going to the big screen. Katniss is a very complicated character that is both noble and flawed.  Jennifer did a great job portraying this complexity. I also loved the vulnerability she projected when Katniss volunteered to take her sisters place.

Also, I couldn't imagine how they would portray the slaughter at the cornucopia and was surprised at how effectively it was done. When that little curly headed boy was killed, my heart broke.

Catching Fire can't land in theaters soon enough!

The Woman in Black

Horror movies have been so disappointing of late. I haven't had a really good scare since The Ring. From the first trailer for The Woman in Black I had high hopes that this was the film that would make me jump in my seat. And it did!

Honestly, I was hiding behind my hands a few times. I just loved how effecitvely they did the ghostly appearances and how absolutely malevolent the wraith was.

I admit it. I jumped more than once.

One of my favorite horror films in ages.

Honorable Mention: Wreck-It Ralph

My hubby and I were out on our regular date night and decided to see a film. On a whim we decided to see Wreck-It Ralph.  We were both shocked at how much we enjoyed it. It was funny, entertaining, beautifully animated, wonderfully voice-acted, and just all around a solid film.

We both adored Vanillope and my husband was floored when he found out she was voiced by Sarah Silverman.  He was also happy that Vanillope was a little dark-haired, dark eyed heroine. Though my husband is blond and of Germanic-Irish stock, I have shared with him my own woes at growing up with an olive complexion, dark eyes, and hair with a media that favored blonds with blue eyes. He liked that our nieces could admire a heroine who looked like them. (I'm sure Brave was a big hit with little redheads!)

I heard they're doing a sequel. I can't wait.

Take note that these are my top five out of the films I have seen. I realize I missed quite a few films during their theatrical runs. Please feel free to post your recommendations in the comments.


  1. Great list. I also really enjoyed The Woman in Black, and that was one I was unsure about because I didn't know how Daniel Radcliffe would do as a character besides Harry Potter. He pleasantly surprised me!

    1. It was a very good role for him to take and show his acting chops. He's was so sweet with his little son in that movie.

  2. Didn't think to re watch the Batman installments back to back.. Brilliant list! ;)


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