Thursday, May 16, 2013

Audio Books for Your Listening Pleasure!

Lately, I've noticed a huge increase in the amount of fans devouring my books via the audio book format. Considering how busy most of us are in our day to day lives, this isn't really surprising. It's easy to listen to a book while driving to work, traveling, or doing daily chores. For lots of busy folks it allows them to enjoy books again. It can sometimes be very difficult to find the time to read when life is so full.

Last year ACX (an Amazon company) created a program that helps writers, who retain their audio rights, find audio book producers/narrators for their books. It instantly opened up a new publishing format that had been closed to a lot of authors. I immediately signed up and soon had multiple books in production.

Lately, to my surprise, several of my fans have contacted me about audio book versions of my indie books, not realizing that many are already released.

I've had the pleasure of working with audio book producer Gregg Savage on several novels. Kristen Allison has narrated all the books in the Pretty When She Dies series and The Last Bastion of the Living under his direction. I think she did an amazing job! I just listened to Pretty When They Collide and it's great! It should be available for purchase in a few weeks.

The Living Dead Boy and the Zombie Hunters is perfect for family vacation listening. It was narrated by Erik Sandvold. I wrote the book for the younger zombie fans, but it can be enjoyed by "kids" of all ages. Erik does a great job with the kid voices!

Click on the cover to go to the Audible purchase page:

Kathy Bell Denton has produced and narrated As The World Dies Untold Tales Volumes 1 & 2, and will also narrate the third. It's been a true pleasure working with her and you must check out her killer narration. She really get the characters down perfectly!

Also available are the audio books for the As The World Dies trilogy published by Audible's publishing house and narrated by Cassandra Campbell.

I hope you enjoy the audio books, and please remember to leave a review! 


  1. I discovered your work as I was looking for zombie audiobooks on iTunes. I am a slow reader and I find audiobooks are great for getting through a lot of fiction. Especially as my day job allows me to listen to whatever I want :)


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