Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I finished reading through the "first pass" of FIGHTING TO SURVIVE last night.

I am always excited to see what the formatted pages of the book look like when I receive the first pass. It gives me a pretty good idea of what the book will look like in print. I had already received the cover for FIGHTING TO SURVIVE a few months ago, so I have a complete vision of my head of the second book in the AS THE WORLD DIES series.

It's so exciting. November 8th can't get here fast enough!

Like most writers, I tend to fall in and out of love with my books. When I first write a novel, I am totally in love with the world and the characters. During the revision, I usually come to loathe my writing and I really work hard to elevate the writing to something I see as decent. Usually by the end of this process, I love it again. Then it cycles all over again.

I have to say reading through FIGHTING TO SURVIVE's first pass pages was a little intimidating. I had already revised it, worked on the copy edits, and going through the book again was not something I was looking forward to.

What if I hated it again?

I am happy to say I didn't. I loved it more than I ever have. It felt so solid, so perfect, so wonderful. This is the story I wanted to tell, fully fleshed out, fully realized. No version of the second book in the series has matched the Tor version. I am so grateful to my editor, Melissa Singer, for helping me untangle the plot threads and push me to go deeper in the characterization. I am so damn happy with this version of FIGHTING TO SURVIVE.

I absolutely love it! I hope you will, too!

Make sure to pre-order your copy!


  1. It's not available on Kindle for preorder yet, but looking forward to it :)


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