Thursday, May 17, 2012

Online Book Store Update - LAST BASTION OF THE LIVING Pre-Order and More

A quick update on the online bookstore on this blog and at

The pre-order for THE LAST BASTION OF THE LIVING autographed books is now available. Please make sure to read the information carefully before ordering.  Because I have to wait for my shipment to arrive from the printers, the books will not be mailed until after the release date of June 12, 2012.  Also International Orders are treated differently.

The link to order is on the top of this page.

Back in stock are two fan favorites, but in limited quantities. Make sure you order your copies as soon as possible. These tend to sell out very quickly.

I am aware of the fact that Barnes & Noble do not have the Nook version of Untold Tales Volume 1 in their store yet. I'm not sure why there is a delay.  You can order the Nook version at Smashwords by clicking here.

BLOOD & LOVE AND OTHER VAMPIRE TALES is presently sold out. New copies should be available soon.

You can purchase the ebook for .99 on by clicking on this link:

The newly re-edited version of PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES is available exclusively on Kindle for $2.99.  It's better than ever, so catch up on this series before PRETTY WHEN SHE KILLS comes out later this year.

You can purchase (or borrow if you're a Prime Member) the Kindle on by clicking on this link:

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