Monday, August 13, 2012

Early Buzz for DEAD SPOTS!!

I'm a night owl. I do my very best writing in the middle of the night. It's far more peaceful at night and it's a lot easier for me to get lost in my imaginary worlds without a lot of distractions that the day provides.

Sometimes the non-writing parts of being a writer eat up all my writing time. Last night I spent most of my time prepping for the PRETTY WHEN SHE KILLS Blog Tour and the VAMPIRE BRIDE SERIES New Cover Reveal.  So even though the sun was already up by the time I opened up yWriter to work on DEAD SPOTS, I was determined to get some work done.

Then I saw this on my Twitter feed.

I was immediately intrigued and followed the link. I was completely thrilled to to see that DEAD SPOTS was listed under PIQUING OUR CURIOSITY.

It's listed as Paranormal Fiction (is that a fancy way of saying horror?) and this is what they have to say:
Paranormal Fiction - Dead Spots, the upcoming paranormal tale by author Rhiannon Frater, will bring readers the story of a woman caught in a world that lies between life and death. To get home, the story's protagonist will need to face her own fears - which come startlingly to life. Talk about creepy and compelling! -- FOREWORDS: THE BOOKS BEFORE THE BUZZ
Oh, my gawd! I'm so excited!  That DEAD SPOTS would already have some interest is awesome!

I'm zooming along quite quickly in the rough draft. I'm ten chapters in and have over 30,000 words of the story already written.  To say I'm inspired to keeping chugging along and working my fingers to the bone would be an understatement!

The only thing I would add to the synopsis above is that Mackenzie (my lead character) is stuck in the world of dreams and nightmares, which is the world between the living and the dead.

So now you know what DEAD SPOTS is all about.

Check out the images that are my visual inspiration for the book at my Pinterest board for the book by click here.

So are you excited about my new project for Tor?


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