Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jenni's Got A Gun...And the As The World Dies Book Release Date

The As The World Dies cover is just rawkin' it for me. I have to admit it surpasses my hopes and dreams. Sean Detra did a masterful job of bringing the characters to life. Since this is my first time ordering a book cover and trying to convey my vision to the artist, I wasn't too clear on a few aspects.

The original piece had Jenni's hands empty and that seemed wrong. Sure, in the beginning of the book she is almost catatonic, but soon she evolved into a young woman with a serious bloodlust for the undead. George, a co-worker and diehard fan of Jenni, took a look at the original and said, "Necklace is too long. Needs a shotgun." He was right. The artist added a handgun (that perfectly matches her dangerous expression) and revised her long necklace into a few short ones. When I saw the new version, I was like "YES!"

As for Katie, she's perfection. Just perfection. Her outfit, her hair, her expression, everything...perfectly Katie.

It's exciting to see my girls fleshed out.

Since I now have the cover artwork, that means my husband and I can work on the cover's final design this weekend. The website has actually been ready, but my husband wanted to wait until we had the final book cover before we posted it. Hopefully, it will be up in a few days. Yes, I know I have said this before, but sometimes I am naive about the length of time that goes into a project like this.

At this point, our tenative publication date for As The World Dies: A Zombie Trilogy-The First Days is....

August 15, 2008

Stay tuned for more details...

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