Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jenni and Katie Revealed!!! The As The World Dies Cover is almost done

It's almost done. The cover of As The World Dies is almost done. The cover artwork is finished, but we need to add the title, bar code, ISBN, author photo, and summary to get the whole thing done.

Want to see a snippet of the amazing work of Sean Detra, the artist?

Then here you go...

He did such an amazing job. Please check out his website here where you can see the first version of the cover (which will probably be used for one of the other two books in the trilogy or the anthology) and the original version of this cover. There have been some small tweaks since then. If you love his art, please buy something and support his artistic endeavors. He is such a great artist and he brought my girls to life with utter perfection.

I'm so stoked. So excited. So amazed.

He's fabulous.

And so is his artwork.


  1. Jenni on the left and Katie on the right, right?? I am totally stoked about your book coming out. I cannot wait. Keep plugging away Rhiannon, your fans are patient and we know that when it's done, it'll definitely be worth the wait!


  2. Wow. I checked out the whole version on DevArt and it's just... WOWZA! I really like all the cool colors on it. I do admit, I am a fan of dark purples, just because they set excellent moods.

    Can't wait to dig in to ATWD! :D

    ~ Kody


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