Saturday, June 14, 2008 last!!!

Two bits of good news:

1. The artwork for the cover is done and will soon be in may anxious lil' hands.

2. The new version of my website is now done.


The website was supposed to be up sometime ago, but because we decided to support open source programs, my husband had to train himself to use those programs. The first version was good, but we weren't totally happy with it. So he redid it and its looking nice. It should be up sometime this week.

We'll definitely be premiering the cover soon as well. I'm so excited!!! I'm nearly bouncing off the walls with joy.

The manuscript is still being edited and we're moving along toward our August publication date.

As for my strange apathy, eh...I have no excuse and no explanation.

The reality is that though I want to write something new, I need to revise the second book in the Zombie trilogy and I just gotta get cracking on it. The new stuff can wait until we're done with the trilogy. Making that decision has been a good one for me and I plan to hunker down on the second book this week.

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  1. Rhiannon,
    I noticed you have a couple of new stories up on I can't describe how happy I was to see that. Eric's story was great, and I'm anxious to see the end of Lenore and Ken's story.

    Keep writing, and we'll keep reading!



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