Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Chapters! More Jenni! More Everything!!

The second book is well on its way. It starts just before the survivors in the fort make their move to claim the hotel. I was reading over the sections and realized something was missing. I wasn't sure what it was and laid the book aside to think about it.

That night I dreamt about the missing "part". It made perfect sense and opened the second book with chapters that capture the essence of the characters and fort itself. There is always the possibility of someone starting to read the series at the second novel As The World Dies: Struggling to Survive, so I wanted to make sure they knew who the characters were, but not have a massive info dump. The new chapters add to the character development, paint a clear portrait of what is happening in the fort and the risks at hand, and give the readers a new action sequence.

I really love the new chapters.

Plus, it was fun to revisit Katie and Jenni and the other characters. I miss writing for them and it felt good to hear their voices in my head once more.

Besides, Jenni+ax+zombies=a good time.

The final proof reader is making her way through the book. She has an excellent eye and I trust her to find the final little goofs that have missed the one billion read-throughs. There is always something you just don't see.

We're almost to publication and its getting so exciting. I'm looking into attending some horror conventions as a vendor so I can sell and sign my book and that means ordering signs, posters and banners.

I recently met an artist here in Austin who has made this truly creepy zombie baby. I'm thinking of buying it off of him.

That we are at this point in the process just amazes me. I never would have done this without the encouragement of my fans, family and friends. I don't feel alone in this process and that is a very good feeling.

The publication date is looming, but I'm not worried. I really believe you guys will love this book as much as I do when you hold it in your hands. It's truly gorgeous and the quality is terrific.

I wonder if ya'll are as excited as I am?


  1. Guess that means you won't need me then, huh? :P

    Ah well, I got from 130 until the end for you, so that's better than nothing.

    Can't wait! Fourteen more days, wow. You must be super excited! :D

  2. 15 August's like waiting for Christmas, terribly hard and definitely worth it. Am I as excited as you are?? Not sure if I could get that excited as you sound sooo stoked! But, excited...yes I am. Without a doubt. Keep up the good work and I will try to wait patiently.

    A Huge Fan,

  3. Hey, Glen, I'm excited that you're excited! I will try and keep up the good work and get some kick ass novels out for you to read.

    I'm not very patient either, so we're waiting together!!


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