Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Things Are Kicking Into Gear

We're getting ready for publication of As The World Dies: The First Days and I believe we are on track to hit our deadline. I'm a bit of a nervous wreck to get it all done on time. I'm praying for zero delays. We'll see how it goes.

The shop will be going live next week on my website and there will be a handy button on the main page and the novel page that will take you to my shop where you can buy the book. I believe it will not be available at Amazon until near the end of the month, so my shop will carry the novel first.

A few people asked me about merchandise for the book and we're working on that as well. My husband did design a really kick ass t-shirt you can find here. We will be ordering our own test copy soon, so you may want to hold off until we get a good look at it. But if you want to buy one anyway, that is up to you.

I appreciate all the fan support I have received and thank you again for all your emails.

There is the basic traditional black t-shirt and a variety of styles for women as well. We're working on another idea that will have a new cartoon graphic of Jenni fighting zombies. That won't be ready for a little bit longer.

Any sales of the t-shirts will fund the new artwork from Detra for the next two novels. Since I am an Independent Author, I have to find room in my own budget to pay for all the expenses connected with the book. Any profits from the book and the merchandise will help me continue to publish future books in the As The World Dies series and beyond.


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