Sunday, October 12, 2008

As The World Dies: The First Days on Library of the Living Dead!!

Dr. Pus posted his new podcast for the Library of the Living Dead late last night. And I'm very excited to announce that the first part of Chapter One-Tiny Fingers-is awesome! I had heard the mp3 (complete with voices, sound effects and music), but to hear it intertwined with the rest of the show was a great experience.

Please check it out! Here is the playlist for the episode:

0:00 - New intro bumper by Unoshato
1:36 - "Zombie" by Steve Cain
4:44 - Dr. Pus' intro
7:32 - Rhiannon Frater's "As The World Dies: The First Days" Chapter 1
25:55 - "Zombie Zcience" - Running Zombies and Muscle Degredation
42:43 - A.P. Fuch's "Blood Of The Dead" Chapter 1
56;29 - Rob Fox's "Z Day Is Here" Days 64-66
1:10:50 - Poem for contest
1:11:34 - "What's Up Doc?"
1:31:03 - "Voices"
1:34:37 - James Melzer's "Zombie Chronicles" Episode #3
1:42:12 - "Out Comments"
2:01:34 - Rob Best's "All Kinds Of Things Kill" Chapter 10 for BabyGirlMinxie

I think you'll love it as much as I do! Let Dr. Pus know how much you like it by dropping him a line in the comments. He has been very supportive of my novel and his dramatization is amazing.

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  1. Glad to share the ToC with you on the latest Library of the Living Dead podcast, Rhiannon!

    Keep in touch.


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