Thursday, October 16, 2008

Interview, Website, and other Fun Stuff!!!

The Odd Mind Magazine Talk Radio Interview!!!
My interview Monday night with AngelLesa of The Odd Mind Magazine was quite a bit of fun. I rambled on (as I'm tend to do) a few times, but I felt we had a good discussion on why I chose to be an Indie Author and about As The World Dies: The First Days.

Indie Author Thoughts
Being an Indie Author is a scary, but fun experience. I do feel, sometimes, that I am flying without a net, but it is exhilarating. I'm not sure where all this is heading and I'm fine with that. The reality is I wanted to take creative control of my writing and I have. What comes next is a big unknown, but I'm happy with how things are progressing thus far.

Someone asked me if any publishers have approached me. The answer is yes. What did they discuss with me? That is private, but I am still standing firm at this time to being an Indie. Will my mind change in the future. I don't know. I would have to consider any offer made very seriously and see if its in sync with my personal writing goals.

But even if I do sign with a publisher at any point, I will STILL be putting out my own books and free fiction. I just love the whole process of creating my own novel from the story itself to how it is presented.

Edits for Pretty When She Dies are almost done. The proof editor is doing a GREAT job catching the tiny stuff (that I tend to not see) and it's coming along nicely. I hope to order a proof copy of the novel very soon. The cover looks amazing. My husband has done a really great job. I cannot wait to see it on the cover of an actual book.

Website Update
My husband is also revising my website. Since we are new to the publishing game, we're still figuring things out and he realized we needed to revamp the site. The new version should be going live soon. Once we're sure we have what we like, we'll most likely be moving the site to at the end of the year or the beginning of next.

As The World Dies: Fighting To Survive
I'm writing away. Writing on the way to work, on my lunch hour, and on the way home. The evening is left for spending some time with my husband and having dinner, before diving into the edits for Pretty When She Dies. But what I am writing out by hand for ATWD2 is really, really awesome and a lot of fun. Today was a huge Jenni scene that I forgot to write the first time around. Or maybe I thought I had written it. I was shocked to not find it when I read through the story. It left a big huge plot hole and it left me shaking my head.

That is definitely one good thing about the rewrite: patching up the holes!

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