Thursday, October 23, 2008

So Basically This Is What Is Going On....

Good news and bad news in this post. I actually put off posting until I had a good handle on what exactly was happening (or not happening) in this craziness I call my life.

First things first...

New Website Is Up!!
Check out my new and improved website! My husband has totally revamped it and I think it looks pretty cool. He was not satisfied with the first version. I liked it, but I saw his point. I think the new one looks really good.

I'm Not Going to BiteFest....WAAAAAAAAH
Our car continues to give us issues. We considered renting a car to head down to San Antonio, but I just started getting flash fevers and I'm having issues with asthma. I know this feeling oh too well. I'm getting sick. So we have opted to cancel (sadly) and stay home. I think I'm going to go on a horror movie marathon to make myself feel better.


Maybe next year...

I'm Not Going to Zombie Fest at the Monroeville Mall...but As The World Dies Is!!!
Dr. Pus is a total love and he is taking pamphlets of the book to Zombie Fest with him. They have the first part of Chapter One in them along with information on where to buy the book and a little bio about me. I'm so excited! He is SUCH a great guy to do this for me. He will also be putting them as bookmarks in the first Library of the Living Dead novel called "Dead Tide." It just came out, so I haven't read it yet, but you may want to check it out.

What Katie (from ATWD) and I Have In Common
We share the same voice! I am now doing the voice work for Katie Kiel in the Library of the Living Dead Podcast! Episode #65 will be my debut. I think I'm doing a fairly good job doing her voice. I absolutely adore the voice work of April as Jenni. Her performance is GREAT! And Dr. Pus is doing a fantastic job at narrating the story. I'm so excited about this endeavor and I hope you check it out.

Pretty When She Dies Is Closer to Publication!!!
If you love vampires, please check out my new vampire novel, Pretty When She Dies, when it is released. I think you will really like it. It's modern, its fun, it's gruesome, it's sexy, and it's intense.

The new cover is now done and the proof copy of the novel is ready to be reviewed by the proof reader.

Check out the final version of the cover!

I absolutely love it!

Once the proof copy is reviewed, we will set a publication date and announce it on my blog and website. The first chapter will probably be going up sometime tomorrow night for you to get a sneak peak at.

Amazon. Com Reviews
If you hop over to and look up my book, you'll see that reviews have been coming in for both the paperback and Kindle version of ATWD:The First Days. Yes, I do read the reviews. I do it for two reasons:

1. To find out what people think of the story and characters
2. To see if there is any critiques I can learn from

My husband takes negative comments a lot harder than I do and I love him for that. I do try to examine what is being said and determine if I need to adapt. So far, nothing has really stood out to me.

We have been praised (and criticized) for the editing of the book. This does not really bother me considering we had 3 editors work on the novel. All are highly qualified to do that job and I felt they did a good job. If there is a goof up, it was probably me missing one of their editing notes. Plus, I have read so many NYC bestsellers filled with misspelled words and grammar mistakes, I just kinda shrug it off. I can't do much more than I am with all my proof readers and the editors scouring the books for any goofs I committed.

As for remarks on the plot or characters, I read those comments, consider them, and discuss them with my husband. So far I think the comments that have been made are very subjective. It reminds me of the old days when the story was online and there were comments about a variety of things that didn't make much sense to me.

For example:

Comment: Katie is a lesbian so she should be hooking up with Jenni.

My Answer: Katie is actually bisexual (is attracted to both men and women) and Jenni is straight. Their relationship was that of sisters/best friends. There is no reason for them to "hook up."

Comment: Isn't it convenient how they find a hunting store and everyone has guns..not realistic!!!

My Answer: I had to wonder if this person had EVER been to Texas.

Comment: Jenni is so dreamy and off-kilter in the beginning and its all nightmarish and surreal...why does that stop? ...not realistic!!

My Answer: Err...she comes out of shock...and gets a gun. And wants revenge on the zombies.

Comment: old woman who was an Israeli sniper...yeah right!

My Answer: I know one in real life. It happens. Get over it.

And it goes on and on and on....hehehehehee... I've come to realize people are always going to have an opinion on how they perceive that the story should go, or how a character should act, or how you should write the book in general. And they absolutely, positively have a right to that opinion. But in the end, its my story and I have to write it the way I see fit.

But if someone were to point out a legitimate issue with a plot point or in the character development, I would embrace that in a second and learn from it. I have in the past and I will in the future. I am not a perfect writer, but I try damn hard.

So far, I really like all the reviews I've read and I'm so pleased that those people took the time to write them. I am very thankful.

Of course, when that one star review comes in....I may rant. :)

FearFest 3 is coming up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and I will be there!!! If you're anywhere in the area, please come by and say hi!!!

In closing, it's a crazy but good time right now.

Thank you for all your support!!

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