Monday, November 10, 2008

Home from Fear Fest 3

I'm exhausted.

I sold 14 books at the convention. I had gone with 16. I probably would have sold more if not for people running out of money. I was in a room off to one side and people didn't know we were there. By the time they found us, they were either low on cash or out completely. I handed out pamphlets with the first scene of As the World Dies and the same for Pretty When She Dies to a lots of people. Many came back for ATWD and wanted more info on when it would be out and how to by PWSD.

If Pretty When She Dies was out, I would have probably sold 25 books. Seriously, everyone wanted it. Vampires are HOT right now. A lot of people just looked at the cover and said, "I want that." When I asked them if they would by a t-shirt with the cover on it, the answer was really positive. I'm feeling very good about my vamp book now.

One last story...

One teenager picked up an ATWD pamphlet, walked off to enjoy her day and reappeared right before closing. She had finally read it and wanted the book, but was out of money. Her Mom got the information on my blog, etc and said it may be a gift. I was really happy to hear the pamphlet was so successful. I'm going to make sure to do them in the future.

I'll go into a few more details later. A fan came by and made my day on Saturday and I'd like to share that and a few other stories.

Now I'm going to go collapse.

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